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Here at Spermed we aim to collect together the cream of all the best amateur, self-submitted photos out there. As a purely self-submitted gallery we could not do this without your help!

What does “Spermed” mean?

This is very own definition, so bear with us. In grammatical sense it is a verb meaning to have been ejaculated on by a male and have sperm on one or more parts of the body. In our sense it strictly means that a male has “spermed” a female. You could say “she got spermed!”

How is that different to a cumshot?

It isn’t really but it would tend to mean a messier, fuller cumshot.

Is that not degrading?

That is a matter of opinion and personal taste. We look for photos where the one “spermed” is just as happy about the outcome as the person who shot their load. If they don’t visibly look degraded or unhappy then no.

Can I upload a photo?

Yes, we could not run this site without your contributions (literally and figuratively!). Upload your photos here but make sure you have permission from those involved and read the simple site rules before uploading otherwise you will land in our hall of shame.

What about shots of professionals and porn stars?

This site is solely for true amateurs who do it for the love of it without earning money. Just like us.

There are plenty of sites out there that specialise in bukkake and cumshots but we prefer to keep it real and unscripted.

There is a photo of me, or that I hold copyright of. How can I report it?

Follow this link to report copyright issues or other problems with photographs on the site. This link should also be used for any DMCA requests.